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Over the Top: be generous in caring for each other

Over the Top: be generous in caring for each other

Over the Top: be generous by sharing the good news

Over the Top: be generous by sharing the good news

Over the Top: Be generous with your time

Over the Top: Be generous with your time

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Welcome to our CG Students page for parents and students of CG. This page will be your source of information for everything about CG Students. On this page you will find resources, our Daily 10 reading plan, sermons, handbooks, and recent announcements.

This week's announcements 


  • Newsletter: click here to see our most recent Family Newsletter.
  • Grade Wars: Winners announced and rewarded on Wednesday, February 21st!
  • Worship Band: practices are Wednesdays, at 5:30pm at church for all musicians, singers, sound techs, & computer techs. If you are interested in joining our Student Worship Band (singing, instruments, computer slides and/or sound), then talk with Jeremy Aleman or Pastor Dave. You can text Dave beforehand to see if practice is still on our not each week.
  • After Party: coffee, donuts, prize wheel! Right after church in the conference room, SundayMarch 3rd.
  • Sunday Night Game NightMarch 3rd6:30-8pm. Games, food, treats, prizes, raffles, and more!
  • New hoodies, hats, & water bottles: are now available for $10 each to students and their family members. 



Daily 10

Daily 10 is a reading schedule with helpful questions to assist everyone at CG Students in reading the Bible and praying to God for at least 10 minutes a day.

Current Series



The best way to know about someone is to let them tell you who they are. We may think we know who Jesus is, but have we let Him tell us in His own words? What might happen if we made space for Jesus to speak for Himself?There are seven times when Jesus directly told His disciples who He was. In these “I am" statements, He shared with them what it meant to follow Him, His heart for others, and how His followers can strengthen their relationships with Him and with God. In this four-week series, we’ll dive into Jesus’ words about Himself to learn how His words can reshape our lives today. Through what Jesus says, we’ll learn that Jesus is love, is truth, is always with us, and is our savior.

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Below you can download our volunteer leader and parent handbooks!

Leader Handbooks

These handbooks were created to help train all incoming Adult & Student Leaders. Inside these handbooks you will learn more about what's expected from our leaders in various ways, how to lead a small group, and what a "win" in our ministry looks like. It also includes our safety guidelines, code of conduct, expectations, and more.

Click here to download the latest version of our Adult Leader handbook.    

Click here to download the latest version of our Student Leader handbook.

Parent Handbook

This handbook was created to help give parents a better sense of what we are accomplishing at CG Students on Wednesday nights and beyond. This is filled with lots of great info including how we aim to help your teens learn how to own their faith so they can graduate high school and continue to put Jesus first in their lives, for the rest of their lives. 

Click here to download the latest version of our Parent handbook.  

Parent Resources

Below you can access and download various resources for parents with teens! These don't have all the answers, but it's a good starting point in getting information and some help for issues most parents face in today's culture. Here is a link to a document with 30 short parenting videos to get you started:
30 Parenting Videos